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Miss JaiLi Rose
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Birthday Girl!

Our baby girl is 1 tomorrow, we had a party today for her. Oh, how she is growing! What a joy she is to our family! Hope you enjoy the pictures! She had fun, she is wore out and ready to go to bed! Blessing to all! (I will post some videos in a bit.)

 Momma made me my first cake!
 Lots of Presents to open!
 Wrapping paper is so fun!
 But, Tissue paper is better!
 Everyone helped me open my presents!
Ooooo, my cake was good and ALL mine!!!!

Such a beautiful face!

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  1. Happy Birthday Sweet JaiLi!! I was thinking about your birthday and how old you are getting. I miss you and love you! Melissa, thanks for posting the pics of your sweet girl!

    Aunt Ashleigh