Miss JaiLi Rose

Miss JaiLi Rose
I'M 2 NOW!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We are home at long last! JaiLi did well on the drive home (8 hrs. in a car seat can't be fun!), she fussed a little, slept a lot, but overall did good.
She slept really good last night, didn't wake up until 7 am. Hallelujah! She had been waking up at 1 or 2 am and not going back to sleep until 4 (makes for tired parents the next day!).
We really love being parents and thank God for JaiLi! She is such a blessing! God has richly blessed our family!
Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes!
Darwin, Melissa & JaiLi

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan skyline and motel.

 Toilet that washes and dries you.
Controls so you can tell it how high to squirt, lol! Crazy huh?

AIT Motel

 See that partial glass wall? That is all that was keeping the whole bathroom from being a shower.......the floor became very slippery!

 JaiLi with Momma!

Dunn Residence

The view from the Dunn's Residence.

 Malachi (a baby the Dunn's are keeping for a couple in Illinois)

 This was the parking garage below the Dunn's apartment, each space has either storage under the parking space or a place for another car to go, crazy huh, but hey at least you don't have to worry about wondering where you will park.
 If you look close you can see the other car under there.
Scooters! Scooters everywhere! Watch out for them, if they hit you, you have to pay!

House Of Hope Goodbyes

Here are some pics of the House of Hope, Nannies, helpers and babies. I didn't get all of them, but did manage to get most of them.
 Christel and Elliot

 Sara saying Goodbye
 Christel & Sara with JaiLi

 Nanny with JaiLi

 Nanny with JaiLi
 Nanny with JaiLi
 Mary Joy with JaiLi

 Current House of Hope.

This is where House of Hope is moving.

Morrison Academy

This is where Holly and Trena's husbands teach and where all their children go. Very nice place.

JaiLi with Momma! (Do you know that if a Taiwanese would've saw JaiLi without her tights on, that we would have gotten scolded for having her too bare!)

Taipei, Taiwan

This is where we stayed our first night in Taiwan. It's crazy that the first thing we take pictures of is the bathrooms. Lol!

 Rainy morning
 Breakfast area, pond just beyond the windows had goldfish swimming, probably how they got breakfast, lol!
 Breakfast area
 Staircase (Very elegant)

 The peaked windows are a chapel that is set up to have weddings in.
Ahhhh, 7 Eleven - Jason you were right, at least they had some normal food there! We were able to get a bagel with cream cheese. 

On the High Speed Rail 

Poor Darwin his eyes were so irritated, he was having trouble seeing. (Not really a good picture, but I'm going to post it anyway)