Miss JaiLi Rose

Miss JaiLi Rose
I'M 2 NOW!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

December 15, 2010 - December 15, 2012

It is amazing that 2 years has gone by since we walked outside the train station in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and was handed our 7 month old baby girl! God surely had his hand on us then & now! He is an awesome God to allow us to go to a different country, get our baby girl & bring her home! Sometimes you just don't have enough words to decribe how awesome God really is!

I don't have any pictures today, just a note to everyone that today is our Gotcha Day! 2 years ago, we were so nervous, but now it almost seems like a dream (a wonderful dream).

Thank you God for bringing JaiLi into our lives, giving her to us and helping us raise her in Your ways!

God is Great!
The Martwick's
Darwin, Melissa & JaiLi Rose

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

JaiLi is 2 years old!

JaiLi turned 2 a week ago, time has flown by! I can't believe she has been with us for almost a year and a half. We had her birthday at Pizza Hut, the theme was Hello Kitty (she says it, "Hi Kitty"). Her grandma & grandpa drove 9 hrs. to be with her for her birthday. She had a lot of fun opening presents. Here are some pics from the party.

As you can see she is a clown! She is so funny, she likes to be the center of attention!
Hope you enjoyed!
The Martwick's

Saturday, March 10, 2012

JaiLi Horseback Riding

JaiLi got to ride a horse!
Daddy was right beside her the whole way, but once the horse started moving she sat up straight and rode like a pro. She did pretty good, I think!
 She looks like she knows exactly what she is doing, but it took us a while to get her to keep the hat on!
Here she is actually on the horse's back! She has her little monkey backpack (what she calls her patpat) on her back. After the ride, she got to touch the horse's nose and pet her. She liked that.
Hope you enjoyed!
The Martwick's

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts about JaiLi:

She is 32" long / 22 lbs. / wears 24 month clothes (although I have to take the waist in on most of them, she is thin in the waist) / wears size 4-5 shoes / size 4 diapers

She loves her Daddy (every time he walks in from work she says, "Hey!", like she hasn't seen him in forever.)

Her new word is "I'm busy" (so cute!!)

She likes her clothes (she will look at herself in the mirror, or hold her clothes out and admire them)

She is walking all over the place

She doesn't like her hair fixed, she would rather have it hanging in her face (ugh! I want it up, so it looks nice)

She doesn't like the park, no slide, no swing, no teeter-tooter : ( (I know it will come later)

She loves the phone (to call her "Papaw" (grandpa))

She loves riding on the back of Mamaw's wheelchair

She hates the word "NO"

She still carries around her blankie that she had in Taiwan

She likes all kinds of food, but her favorite is anything that she can feed herself! Very independent!

She likes puppies and kiki's (kitty's)

She likes Hot Wheel's over dolls! (the other day she had a Hot Wheel in 1 hand and a ballerina in the other - too funny)

She loves books (sometimes it looks like she is really reading them!)

JaiLi is such a wonderful addition to our family! She is so smart and so loveable! I hope you enjoyed sharing a bit of fun facts about her with us!

Many blessings,
The Martwick's
Dadda, Momma & the Princess JaiLi

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lots of Changes!!

Sorry it's been so long since I wrote, it's been kind of crazy around here.
First off on June 2 I became a full time mommy!! Whoohoo!!! We are having fun, sometimes I want to pull my hair out, but hey, that's all part of the fun.........right??? ;)
Then JaiLi has been getting her molers in (this part is no fun, 4 at a time!!!!)
And finally for the best part, she is starting to really walk (trying to post videos)!!!! It's so cute to watch her. Grandma wants everyone to know that she started walking at her house first!! (Lol, they are so funny with this first grandbaby)
All in all it has been a great summer!
The Martwick's

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Birthday Girl!

Our baby girl is 1 tomorrow, we had a party today for her. Oh, how she is growing! What a joy she is to our family! Hope you enjoy the pictures! She had fun, she is wore out and ready to go to bed! Blessing to all! (I will post some videos in a bit.)

 Momma made me my first cake!
 Lots of Presents to open!
 Wrapping paper is so fun!
 But, Tissue paper is better!
 Everyone helped me open my presents!
Ooooo, my cake was good and ALL mine!!!!

Such a beautiful face!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Daddy & His Girl

Ready for church. Doing breathing treatment : (