Miss JaiLi Rose

Miss JaiLi Rose
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Saturday, December 18, 2010


Ok, I'm sitting at the Radisson Hotel in Narita, Tokyo, Japan. Wow! This has been one exciting trip.
Yesterday went real well with AIT. We had a new lady there and she didn't ask us but 3 or 4 questions. Then they said that we wouldn't be able to get JaiLi's Visa until the next day, but Praise God they got it all done the same day! We had to fill out an I-600 form (Holly said that was the first time she has seen that done except with Owen.) We already had our I-600a done, so there shouldn't have been any reason to do the I-600. Oh, well, it's done, we have JaiLi's Visa and her and are out of Taiwan!!!! Whoohoo!
JaiLi did really good on the flight from Taipei to Tokyo. We are praying that she will do good tomorrow, it will be a longer (much longer) flight.
Last night we stayed at the motel down the street from the AIT. Wow, what a place. It was real nice, but the bathroom was one huge shower. When you took a shower there was just a little partition separating it from the rest of the room. No shower curtain or lip around the shower either, so the whole floor got wet. Insane! But the jets were nice. The shower had a regular shower head and then six jets that hit your back at different levels, ahhhhh, after a long day it felt wonderful! But like I said the whole floor became a shower, so you had to be careful ("Be Carefull. Slippers will slide when water is wet." lol, that was the sign on the floor as you went into the bathroom).
Today we get a new experience. The bathroom has a bidet (?), wow, it washes you off, then dries you off with really hot air. The seat is even heated. Then we spent almost a 1000 yen on 6 - 10 oz bottles of water! That's crazy!
But all in all, everyone has been extremely nice and helpful. They changed our seats for us so we could use the bassinet on the plane. Gave us special attention because we had a baby. We asked a guard where we were supposed to go, he opened the gate he was at and sent us through where the flight attendants go! God has sure been with us on this trip! It was going to cost us over $600 to get JaiLi's ticket this morning and the airline worker worked until she got it for $247 (which was cheaper then American Airlines quoted me 2 weeks ago! God is Great!
JaiLi is so much fun, I can't wait until everyone gets to meet her. She will just start laughing or smiling, at nothing. But too, she will start screaming for no reason! She just has to be the center of attention.
Love to all, we will be in Kansas City tomorrow! Oh, what a good thought! It will be nice to sleep in the same bed for more then 2 nights!
Blessings to all,
Darwin, Melissa & Sweet Little JaiLi

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  1. I am so happy for the both of you. I know this must be very exciting for you. Be safe, and see you soon.
    Marie E.